We made a courageous decision to combine sales, technology and transparency to power up your frontline sales force

About Us

Meet us! We are your tech partner empowering your sales team with a tool that effortlessly navigates today’s sales challenges. We address what matters most to you and your business, enabling your field sales squad to focus on epic customer connections. From location tracking to stress-free inventory control and order fulfillment, we’re helping you rewrite the rules of your sales game.

Our Story

BreezeFSM today is a vision nurtured over 5 years of collaboration with various industry leaders and their sales challenges, a testament to innovation and efficiency. Born to address specific hurdles faced by sales reps, our app optimizes processes, ensures real-time data access, and enhances overall productivity.

We pride ourselves on fostering improved communication within remote teams and efficient inventory management to prevent stockouts. Route planning becomes a breeze, maximizing client visits. Integrating CRM functionalities and robust data analytics, BreezeFSM is not just an app; it’s a transformative force. In the next few years, our mission is to revolutionize engagement and drive sales excellence in the AI era.

Connecting Business With Customers

A mission to empower field sales teams with state-of-the-art technology. Our commitment is clear: deliver a game-changing field sales management app that redefines how businesses connect with customers. Seamlessness is our mantra, optimizing sales processes, supercharging productivity, and nurturing authentic customer relationships. We’re not just an app; we’re the catalyst for sales excellence, propelling businesses to reach new heights.

Achieve Unparalleled Success

Our vision is to lead with innovative solutions, reshaping sales operations. We see a future where every rep uses our app for unparalleled success, surpassing expectations, and driving growth. Rooted in continuous improvement, we envision businesses thriving through our app’s intelligent capabilities.

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Meet Our Leaders

Abhishek Rungta


Bharat Berlia

Co Founder

Come build a sustainable, trustworthy and smart field force team.

Come build a sustainable, trustworthy and smart field force team.

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