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Ease the days of your field agents with BreezeFSM. Now, they can focus solely on maximizing your sales, leaving mundane admin work behind.

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Automate Processes. Manage Teams. Acquire Leads. Close Sales. All in one platform

Solutions that Your Field Sales Force Adopts Easily and Grows Fiercely

Grow your sales revenue with Our AI-based Market Assistance

Field sales force spend 33% of their time in deal closures. BreezeFSM ensures a 95% surety in cracking the deal. Market Assistance analyzes your clients’ previous order history and suggests product options for push and cross-sell. It also suggests the time span to be spent with the client to maximize sales agent’s productivity.

Let Your Field Sales Team Take Charge of their Performance with Performance Insights

BreezeFSM is your single source of truth for your field force performance analysis. Field Sales Agents can get a data-driven performance report about their productivity in the field, client visits, client-wise order history, so they can become competitive in the field to achieve the best.

Streamline Your Field Team's Daily Schedule

BreezeFSM enables automatic check-ins and check-outs for your field team, seamlessly syncing with their workday. Even if your agents overlook it, our app initiates real-time sales route tracking and concludes when their workday ends.

Spend More Time Building Relationships Than on Beat Planning

Leave the planning to us and make the most of your time growing the customer base. BreezeFSM helps you optimize your sales team’s time with an advanced route planner and provides insightful reports on the team’s performance.

Now the field sales force can concentrate on more quality visits, correct strategy, and focus on results. Also, stay informed about meeting outcomes and discover their daily start times, successfully concluded meetings, and those that may have slipped through the cracks.

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    Breeze FSM made my daily sales reporting easier than before. After using the application i am easily able to track and monitor my sales teams.

    Director of Marketing / Chittchore, India

    After using this app we are able to track our executives properly and also get accurate data.

    Arnab Singha Roy / Center Manager, Apollo Clinic Kolkata

    It solved the major issue in our organization, that is the sales working and their travelling cycle. It helps us to know the live tracking of the sales person.

    Aaruthra S. / Data Analyst, Ruby Foods

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