Nordusk Scales Its Sales by 5X With Breeze FSM

Automating and scaling of one of the largest LED manufacturer of India
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Nordusk comes under the aegis of The Karuna Group. Karuna Group is a Kolkata based company with turnover of over 15 billion INR. The group is associated with Distribution, Retail and Financial Services and has ventured into the LED lighting segment in 2015.


  • Managing 600+ field agents in 60+ locations pan India manually.
  • Zero means to verify Live location of field sales representatives.
  • No ways to verify outstanding billing from parties.
  • Paper-based order booking.
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Solution &

Breeze FSM implementation for Nordusk was successful 5 days inclusive of training. The executive team at Nordusk worked in tandem with Breeze.

“The key was availability of information at the right time and the right place and with Breeze ERP solution in place; we are happy and believe all future requirements will be met with Breeze ERP. I would not hesitate to recommend Breeze ERP to any clients, as I know they will receive a world-class service.”

- Senior Manager, NORDUSK


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