Is Your Lead Management System Leading to Revenue Slippage?

Capture and track leads effortlessly with BreezeFSM for effective engagement and conversion optimization.

Automate Lead Capture from Top Three Marketplaces of India

BreezeFSM API integration can fetch all your inquiries in real-time into a single database from India’s top 3rd party marketplaces such as IndiaMART, Justdial, and TradeIndia.

Assign Leads Without Slippage

BreezeFSM allows admins to streamline lead management by assigning leads to respective teams and immediately notifying them with lead details, preventing any leads from slipping through the cracks.

Engage Leads Across Various Touchpoints

Engage and nurture all leads at different points in their buying journey through telephony, email, WhatsApp, and SMS. We help you to track activities and work done on a lead and notify your team for timely follow-ups.

Efficiently Convert Leads to Future Loyal Customers

BreezeFSM is your single source of truth for all your lead’s information. Leverage every minute detail of the database to close deals faster, converting your leads into future loyal customers.

Benefits of Using BreezeFSM for Your Lead Management

You can now automate your lead assignment from various webforms and 3rd party apps like TradeIndia, IndiaMART, JustDial, Google and etc and expedite in closing deals faster.

Timely And Targeted Engagement Strategies For A Higher Conversion Rate.

Build Lasting Customer Bonds Through Prompt Follow-Ups.

Minimize The Risk Of Valuable Opportunities Slipping Away.

Analyze Lead’s Activities With Real Time Data Access.

Empower Decision-Making With Data-Driven Insights.

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