Are you struggling to accurately track and document all your team's market visits?

Effortlessly track and document every field sales activity, from onboarding to market visits, and increase sales efficiency with our Field Sales Management tool

Real-Time Location Tracking

Track every movement your field sales reps make. From their daily movements to meeting times and sales orders, gain instant visibility with drop pins, aerial views, and Google map integration.

Check-In/Check-Out Functionality while Visit/Revisit

Admins easily track sales execs’ daily trips, time on the field, and distance covered—all in one place. Managers stay in the loop with real-time updates on reps’ distances traveled from check-in to check-out.

Efficient Data Entry

Your sales reps can record all the details of every market visit and streamline the sales process with Lightweight Intelligent Forms, eliminating chances of errors and saving valuable time.

Photo Capture and Documentation

Your salesperson can now capture every detail of field activity with Integrated Photo Capture, thus providing enhanced context for better decision-making.

Offline Capabilities

No network coverage? Not a problem for us. Our application’s offline capabilities never lets you miss a beat thus ensuring no data/update loss even in remote areas.

Automation and Alerts

Your salesperson is powered by our automation and alert where they prompt information sharing alerts during market visits.

Integrated Analytics and Reports

We offer your sales reps to leverage our in-depth analysis and reporting for informed decisions.

Performance Analytics

Now identify top performers and track and reward top them leveraging activity-based weights to optimize resources and drive success.

Time and Resource Optimization

By streamlining data entry, automating tasks, and providing insights into team performance, BreezeFSM apps contribute to better time and resource management.

Improved Communication

Now you can communicate with your field sales team with our Seamless Communication Features, ensuring prompt issue resolution and enhanced productivity.

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