Is your sales team’s productivity not reflecting on your revenue? Don’t worry… We’ve got your back!

500+ sales teams in India hit bigger numbers with Breeze FSM.

Only 50% of them are actually productive on field and contribute to the organisation’s overall revenue growth. In some organizations the percentage is even less.

Empower Your Reps With Everything They Need For A Productive Field Visit. Each Time. Everytime.

Our job is to get 100% productivity out of each person in your sales teams and make sure that the oranisation remains profitable all year round.

Get the Visibility That
You Are Missing

The admin panel of Breeze FSM has a single dashboard view that you can login anytime to see real-time data of your sales team activity.

Get Customisable Reports for Custom Needs
Get Customisable Reports for Custom Needs

Get Customisable Reports for Custom Needs

We have a set of 30+ reports in-built which works for most businesses but we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Any additional reports can be customised according to the organisation's requirement.

Become a Technology-driven Organization

Often at times, field sales technology implementation doesn’t necessarily guarantee a growth in sales revenue. The technology implemented in an organisation has to be used by the employees effectively to get results. For technology to be accepted by the sales teams, it would require an easy to use interface and should make their lives easier. At Breeze FSM, we promise you just that.

Become a Technology-driven Organization

Grow Your Revenue 5X Times
With Breeze FSM

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