Is Reliance on Manual Attendance Marking Burning A Lot of Revenue?

Go 100% paperless with an Attendance Management system that supports your operation even with zero network.

Transparency On The Go

BreezeFSM’s two-way attendance marking system ensures real-time visibility to authenticate attendance for field sales members with added layered security.

Get Granular Vision of
Field Activities

Now tracking the activities of your field sales reps while they are on their job is easy with BreezeFSM. We ensure you keep connected with your field force.

Get Update Even After Going Offline

BreezeFSM is designed to collect data even in areas with zero network coverage. Our system’s offline mode allows employees to effortlessly mark their attendance.

Latest Blogs and Resources

Explore industry insights, best practices, and tips to enhance your field sales management strategies. BreezeFSM is committed to keeping you informed and empowered in the ever-evolving world of field sales.

Discover the power of AI in driving sales and making informed decisions. Take your sales to new heights with BreezeFSM today.

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