Are Your Managers Overwhelmed in Executing Robust Sales Strategy?

Empower your manager with BreezeFSM Dashboard to drill down detailed data for specific time periods, regions or individual sales reps and gain deeper insights to identify underlying patterns.

Real Time Insights on Team Visits

BreezeFSM dashboard enables your manager to get real-time tracking data on the movement of SDR throughout the day. This includes a map view with markers indicating the current location of each sales reps as well as their current travel routes.

Order Data to Drive Revenue Growth

Your monthly goal setting and achievement tracking is made easy with sales order data presented in a visually intuitive format, such as tables, charts, or graphs. The report includes metrics such as total sales revenue, number of orders processed, average order value, and total orders delivered.

Attendance/Leave Data to Optimize Workforce Management

Compliant with every attendance/leave model, our dashboard helps your manager track the presence and availability of sales reps. This includes information on clock-in/out times, total hours worked, on-time and late data, and leave-related information.

Monitor Sales Team Productivity and Reduce Fuel Costs

Provide insights into the amount of time spent by sales reps in various market locations. This data can help managers assess the effectiveness of sales coverage and distribution efforts in different geographic areas.

Visit/Revisit Data powered with GPS and Geofencing

The dashboard aids managers with Real-Time Lead Assignment; leads are quickly handed off to the best person for the job, boosting our chances of turning those leads into sales.

Simplify The Management Of Travel Expenses And Improves Efficiency

Manage all travel expenses seamlessly using our Travel and Reimbursement Dashboard, consolidating transportation, accommodation, meals, and miscellaneous costs for accurate and transparent record-keeping. Gain insights into expense breakdowns by type, such as conveyance and food, and track total expenses month-over-month to identify trends and ensure financial accuracy.

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