How Can Retail Stores Benefit from Cloud FSM?

How Can Retail Stores Benefit from Cloud FSM

The retail industry is evolving every day to fulfil the dynamic needs of consumers. Today, most business owners like you are well aware of cloud technology, as it reduces IT costs in managing and integrating existing and new systems. It ensures interactive consumer experience which affects the brand image and customer loyalty.

Cloud FSM software enables employees to access necessary data and communicate and work from any location in real-time.
  • It improves collaboration between store members
  • Better discovery of goods as stock and location are readily available
  • Quicker checkouts for customers so that the queue is always in control
  • Faster POS as client information is stores
  • Run loyalty programs to keep your customers to come back

You can decide to whom they should give access to what information and what will be the restriction of chosen devices.

Following are some of the reasons for the shift to cloud FSM software solutions for retailers:

Provide a Great Shopping Experience

Providing a seamless shopping experience to your customers. And, with several sales channels already on place, offering hassle free experience to shoppers has become a business imperative for the retailers. With a cloud FSM in place, you can easily track the customer purchase data, their preferences, transaction history, and so on without any manual intervention. It will be easy to identify your valuable shoppers and accordingly plan your sales.

Simplified Accounting

Cloud FSM solutions like BreezeFSM can significantly reduce your accounting glitches that you are most likely to encounter with legacy systems. With a cloud product in place, you hardly need to do any manual job for keeping financial and bookkeeping records. They are tracked in real time. It speeds up business decisions on the one hand and improves customer satisfaction on the other.

Faster Point-of-Sale System

Cloud FSM products come integrated with a POS system for streamlined automation of your retail store operations. It supplies real time data to the in-store staff about purchase history, product and inventory details, customers’ information and so on as per user configuration.

Plus, an integrated POS system can easily handle multiple tenders, such as Cash, Card, Gift Voucher, with an exceptionally fast processing time.

Employee Management

For any business, be it retail or anything else, employee management is one of the most critical components. From shift scheduling to keep a track of their working hours as well as overtime, an HRMS system gives you a clear record of the employee activity and lets you get the most out of them.

A complete system like BreezeHRMS integration addresses employee attendance, leaves, travel plans, reimbursements, and more from a single desk. It also helps creating customised workflows for appraisal, reimbursement, auto-approvals and so much more.

Real Time Data on Sales

Integrating cloud FSM software enables you to maintain a real time data of your retail sales figures. Retailers can check out the orders, sales, and traffic from a single actionable dashboard, which further helps in streamlining the decision making process.

Manage your Field Sales Agents with Ease

You can have real time data about field sales agents through geo tracking and route optimisation. Solutions like BreezeFSM (A product of BreezeFSM) come with IMEI based authentication to eliminate any fraudulent entry in the system. Automatic and customised report based on your sales data, enables you to calculate your revenue as well as identify the top products driving sales without much effort.

The best part is that advanced systems come with robust mobile apps with offline support. Even without internet connection, you can perform crucial tasks offline.

The Takeaway

Though modern FSM solutions are quite intuitive and nearly all of them offer pretty similar kinds of functions, you need to choose a product that completely aligns with your business process. Not every retailer operates on the same line; so opting for the one that offers custom or on-demand integration with your systems is ideal. Make sure that your Cloud model is GST compliant, like BreezeFSM, so that you can avoid accounting and taxation glitches.

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