How to Safeguard Your Sales Team from Location Tracking Bypass?

Field Sales GPS Tracking

Every business thrives on its ability to sell its products or services to its target market. In certain industries, this involves having a team of sales reps who are constantly on the move, engaging with potential clients, and closing deals. While this sales approach might be customer-friendly, it poses unique challenges to sales managers who need to ensure their reps are making the most of their time and efforts. This is where the power of robust field sales CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and GPS (Global Positioning System) or location tracking comes in.

Understanding the Concept of GPS Tracking and CRM in Field Sales

GPS tracking for sales reps involves monitoring certain attributes of your field sales team, such as their location, meeting notes, and distance traveled. Field activity tracking helps you better manage the sales reps and eliminates the need for countless phone calls for status checks and reporting.

On the other hand, a field sales CRM is an advanced tool designed to manage customer relationships for businesses with a mobile sales force. It helps sales reps manage their leads, contacts, and customers from anywhere, thus enhancing their productivity and improving the sales process.

The Significance of Location Tracking in Sales

Integrating GPS tracking in sales operations certainly brings a multitude of benefits to the table. Some of these include:

1. Increased Accountability

With GPS tracking, sales managers can monitor their team’s locations in real time, ensuring that they are where they need to be. This visibility allows managers to hold their sales reps accountable for their actions and helps identify areas for improvement.

2. Enhanced Productivity

GPS tracking can help businesses optimize routes, schedules, and resources. For example, a business can use GPS tracking to see which employees are the most efficient at completing tasks or to identify employees who are taking excessive breaks.

3. Streamlined Sales Operations

With GPS tracking, managers can streamline sales operations by efficiently allocating resources. By analyzing GPS data, sales managers can identify territories that are underserved or overworked, allowing them to redistribute sales reps and balance workloads.

4. Improved Customer Service

GPS tracking for sales reps enables managers to provide a better customer experience by accurately predicting arrival times. This can be especially helpful for businesses with employees who work in dangerous or remote areas.

The Power of Field Sales CRM

A comprehensive field sales CRM offers more than just a contact management system. It is an all-encompassing solution that can revolutionize your field sales operations with features such as:

1. Lead Management

Effective lead management is essential for any sales team, and with a field sales CRM, you can effortlessly track and manage your leads. This ensures that no opportunity falls through the cracks and helps you prioritize your sales efforts based on lead score or potential deal value.

2. Contact Management

Maintain a complete history of every interaction with your contacts, from calls and emails to meetings and deals. This gives your reps a 360-degree view of each customer, enabling them to provide personalized service and build stronger relationships.

3. Sales Analytics

Sales analytics provide a detailed breakdown of your sales activities and performance. From tracking sales rep performance to analyzing sales trends, these insights can help you make data-driven decisions and improve your sales strategy.

4. Integration with Other Tools

The best CRM for field sales seamlessly integrates with other business tools like email, calendar, marketing automation, and more. This ensures a unified platform for your sales processes, saving you time and eliminating the need for constant switching between applications.

Top Real-time GPS Tracking and Field Sales CRM Apps

There are several GPS tracking and CRM apps available in the market that can help sales reps in their daily tasks. Here are the top five:

1. Salesforce Maps

Salesforce Maps is a powerful GPS tracking tool that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce. It offers a platform that effectively supports sales managers in tracking and monitoring the whereabouts of sales reps.

2. Badger Maps

Badger Maps is a versatile real-time GPS tracking app designed specifically for field sales professionals. It offers a range of features to streamline field sales operations.

3. Spotio

Spotio is a GPS tracking tool tailored for outside sales teams, offering a range of features to streamline field sales operations.

4. BreezeFSM

BreezeFSM emerges as a cutting-edge field sales management tool, offering a comprehensive solution for your sales team. From precise tracking to in-depth on-field activity visibility, it provides a holistic approach. Utilizing advanced technology, such as an AI assistant for personalized product suggestions, it excels in cross-selling and up-selling. 

The application goes beyond, guiding your team to optimal client visits for increased deal closure probability. Leveraging predictive analytics based on client behavior, it ensures optimal outcomes. With streamlined documentation, effortless quotation, and reliable attendance tracking, BreezeFSM stands out as an affordable, feature-rich choice for small to medium-scale businesses.


In conclusion, using GPS tracking and a robust field sales CRM can revolutionize field sales operations. It can streamline processes, improve productivity, and ultimately enhance the overall sales performance. It’s time to harness the power of technology and take your field sales team to new heights.

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