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Dear User, we strongly recommend read this Privacy Policy carefully. By accessing or using this website you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with it then you must not send us any personal information.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to help you understand how we collect, use and store your information. BluerayFSM will update the information on the website in case of any changes in Privacy Policy. Your obligation is to visit this page occasionally and check the up-to-date version of the document. If you continue to use BluerayFSM after posting the changes to it then it automatically means you agree to the revised Privacy Policy.

BluerayFSM will store only the information you entered on the website during sign in for SaaS version, in contact us form, in chat or sent to us via email.

By using BluerayFSM services and website you are agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy and also to the Terms and Conditions.

When we use the term “Personal Information” in this Privacy Policy, it means any information that related to an individual, and which does not include the name, title, address, or phone number of an employee of an organization.

This website may contain links to third-party websites. BluerayFSM takes no responsibility for the privacy practices or content of these websites. This Privacy Policy is no longer applied if you visit another site by following the link on this website. BluerayFSM has no responsibility how other websites stores, manage or share user information.

BluerayFSM reserves the right to change this policy at any time without any notification. Updated Privacy Policy will be posted on this website.

We can use your contact information by our Sales Managers and Support Engineers to get the important information about the usage of our Services and possible ways to improve them or handle the issues you have met.

For BluerayFSM (A product by INT.) Field Sales Management App collects location data after you open and login into the App, to identify nearby Parties location even when the app is running in the background and not in use.

We also fetch phone contact list with call history details for business report generation to the user which the user shares with team.

App permissions list:

Calendar – Used to create events in calendar

Call logs – Access to call logs enables us to enhance certain features of the app, such as providing reminders based on recent calls or
integrating call-related information into our app’s functionality. Call logs data also required for certain business reports.

Camera – Access to camera enables us to enhance certain features of the app, such as photo for each visit to different parties.

Contacts – Access to contacts enables us to enhance certain features of the app, such as creating leads by copying the contact in the app.

Background Location – Access to location enables us to enhance certain features of the app, such as getting current location by GPS and tracking.

Microphone – Access to microphone enables us to enhance certain features of the app, such as voice to text(Supported by Google Library).

Music and Video – Access to music and video enables us to enhance certain features of the app, such as creating feature of learning management and alarm to notify users.

Notifications  – Access to notification enables us to enhance certain features of the app, such as important updates, alerts, and messages relevant to our app’s functionalities.

Phone – Access to phone enables us to enhance certain features of the app, such as making calls directly from the app, accessing the device’s call history for analytics purposes

Photos and videos – Access to photos and videos enables us to enhance certain features of the app, such allowing users to upload images or videos within the app, saving media files to the device

All the above app permissions are taken with user consent and all these permissions
are required as this is a business app. Also the app describes the reason for every sensitive permission taken.

App Features:

Comprehensive Feature Set To Empower Business: Comprehensive suite of features covering sales tracking, route optimization, CRM, order management, attendance tracking, survey management and expense management. All essential functionalities are integrated into a single platform, reducing the need for multiple tools.

Real-Time Insights: Provide real-time insights into sales activities, allowing managers to monitor field representatives’ progress instantly.

Offline Mobile App Accessibility: Store data and geofence configurations locally on mobile devices and synchronize data automatically when internet access is available, ensuring uninterrupted operation and data accuracy even in areas with poor network connectivity. Also some features like Add shop, Place Order, Nearby shop revisit etc. modules works in offline mode after given attendance.

Intelligent Nudges: With intelligent nudges, empower your sales team even if they are on field. Proactive reminders for important tasks, follow-ups, notification when field reps enter or leave designated geofenced areas.

Predictive Analytics & Insights: Leveraging advanced analytics capabilities, our platform offers predictive insights into business by analyzing historical data. Our solution can forecast when to visit, product meeting time, what to Up/Cross sell and recommend strategic actions to optimize sales performance.

Geospatial Analytics & Reporting: Enable customizable geospatial reports that allow managers to drill down into specific regions or territories and analyze sales performance and customer demographics.

Seamless Integration: Ensure seamless integration with existing enterprise systems, such as CRM, ERP, HR solution to streamline data flow and eliminate silos.

Customization & Scalability: Offer customization options to tailor the solution to the specific needs and workflows of each organization.


INT Group means M/s. Indus Net Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Having its registered office at Module No-532, SDF Building, Salt Lake, Kolkata-70091

And all its existing subsidiary / associate companies as of date being 11th June 2018

How we collect information about you


Cookie is a small-size text file transferred from a server and stored on your computer’s hard drive. It allows a website to “remember” who you are. It does not include any personal information about you.

Most browsers accept them automatically unless it is configured to block them.

BluerayFSM uses session cookies (temporary cookies) of our website to verify your identity when you log in, to keep track of which pages you visit, to personalize our service to you. Session cookies are deleted when you close your browser (i.e. the software program you use for searching and viewing various kinds of Internet resources such as information on a website).

No cookies on our site are served or used by third parties.

Web beacons

Some of our web pages contain electronic images known as web beacons (as well known as web bugs, clear gifs, or trackers) that allow us to count the number of users who have visited these pages. They don’t allow BluerayFSM to identify any particular individual. Web beacons collect only limited information which includes a cookie number, time and date of a page view, and a description of the page on which the web beacon resides.

Web beacons behave the same way as any other content request included on a web page, it is not possible for you to refuse them.

Other ways we collect information about you:

  • When you contact us via Contact Us form.
  • When you communicate with us in Online Chat
  • When you contact us via email.
  • Through traffic data and site statistics.
  • Our servers log automatically your IP address, the URL you visited before ours, the URL you visit after leaving our site, and which pages you visit.
  • We also collect some site statistics such as page hits and page views. BluerayFSM is not able to identify any individual from traffic data or site statistics.
  • We may also collect other information you supply to us after your initial contact with us.
  • BluerayFSM also may store any additional information that you might provide to us.



We will keep your information secure by taking appropriate technical and organizational measures against its unauthorized or unlawful processing and against its accidental loss, destruction or damage.

BluerayFSM uses secure internet connection via HTTPS to protect your personal information.

We will store your information at least for the duration of any customer relationship we have with you, or as otherwise required by law.

BluerayFSM can use your contact information to receive the feedback about our Services, software, website and experience with them.

We may use collected and other statistical data to improve our site, but it will not be possible to identify individuals from that anonymized data.

How we can share your information

We will not share your information with any other third persons, third-party services or organization except in the following circumstances:

Sharing the information with other organizations according to agreement with you.

Sharing the information to statistical and analytical services that we use to make our services, software, website better and to improve user experience.

We may provide anonymized data to third parties for tracking, analytical or statistical purposes.

We will give third party providers who supply services to us (internet providers, websites hosts), or who process information on our behalf, incidental access to your information but will always take steps to ensure their security measures are adequate to protect your information.

BluerayFSM can disclose your personal information to enforcement authorities if asked to do so, or to a third party in the context of actual or threatened legal proceedings or if otherwise required to do so by law.

Your obligations

You are responsible for keeping your logins and passwords safe.

You are responsible for any person added into the system as Administrator.

If you become aware of unauthorized access to your account then you must change your passwords and contact BluerayFSM as soon as possible.

Your rights

You have the right to update your personal and contact information that is stored in BluerayFSM.

You have the right to terminate the use of our Services at any time.

Force majeure

BluerayFSM has no responsibility for and is released from all contractual obligations and liability (e.g. for damages) if its performance of these Terms and Conditions is affected by an event of force majeure. For the purpose of this clause, the term “force majeure” means and includes any event which was not under the control of BluerayFSM, or was not reasonably foreseeable, including, but not limited to any, natural disaster such as thunderstorm, flood or storm, fire, national emergency, strike or equivalent labor action, or the unavailability of the Internet for reasons beyond the control of BluerayFSM.

BluerayFSM continues to store your information after termination, cancellation your access to our services in case of violation of our Terms and Conditions.

All usage of Services available on this website is subject to BluerayFSM’s Terms and Conditions. In the case of a conflict or disagreement between this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions will prevail.

Thank you for taking the time spent to read and the efforts to understand our Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, you can contact us through phone or email.

Our contact information is as follows:

Phone: (+91) 88200 93309

Phone: (+91) 86977 32843

Email: info@breezefsm.in

Terms and Conditions

I hereby authorize and give consent to BluerayFSM (Indusnet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) to send me, either through itself or through any third party service provider, from time to time various information, alerts, SMS, other messages or calls or commercial communication and other services on the aforesaid listed telephone numbers, whether these numbers are registered with National Do Not Call Registry / listed in Natonal Customer Preference Register or not. I also confirm that by sending any of such messages, calls, I will not hold BreezeFSM its third party service provider liable, institute complaint under the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference (TRAI) Regulations, 201O or such other applicable regulations including any amendment thereof as may be applicable from time to time. It will be auto renewed every month and if you want to stop this service please write an email to info@breezefsm.in before the due date and call our support number 9874148277 / 8240836578.

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