Are You Tracking Your Sales Reps to Improve Sales Performance?

Are You Tracking Your Sales Reps to Improves Sales Performance
Sales tracking is becoming more and more important to prevent further losses for most retail and trading businesses. It also encourages you into making smart gains. Knowing the numbers, you can make smarter decisions, and become a more efficient and effective businessman.
Your lead’s movement from introduction to communication to payment – all are part of the sales process. Every single progression through the pipeline – whether it’s point A to point C or point A to point Z – is rife with information that can help your business grow. The best way to understand how each point affects your sales process is by performing sales tracking.
For retail and trading business, which is based on a sales model part of which has to be carried out by field representatives taking orders from clients or delivering orders to them, tracking every move of your team is essential to the business for three reasons:

  1. They are paid by the hour, hence, any additional hour consumed is a cost to the company
  2. Be able to monitor the movement of your reps and assist them with more optimised routes to save time and resources like petrol.
  3. It is important to be able to verify the updates and requests of these sales reps and prevent any fraudulent activity.
  4. GPS check-ins, allows field sales reps to check in at customer locations. Viewing the check-ins and movements of sales reps on a map has many advantages, some of which include:
  5. More reliable reimbursements
  6. Improved route planning
  7. New types of incentives
  8. Improved meeting efficiency
  9. The accountability factor
FSM Features in BreezeFSM
Are You Tracking Your Sales Reps to Improves Sales Performance?

Tracking your field sales promotes the culture of transparency. It prevents your field sales team to misguide you about their locations, meeting, traveling, and follow-ups. It also ends the reimbursement discussions for good. You don’t need to question your reps every day because you have all the answers in front of you. Instead, you can monitor & mentor them to optimize their day, their routes and help them in moving the deals forward.

BreezeFSM is a Field Sales Management app that is built for retail and trading businesses to manage their field workforce effectively and provide the transparency and insights for the sales manager of your business to improve sales. Check out BreeseFSM here:

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