Effectively Covered Outlet (ECO)- An Important Metric for FMCG Sales

Eco in field sales

What is ECO in Field Sales?

What Affects “Effectively Covered Outlet” Metric?

How Can You Measure Your Team’s ECO?

  1.  Start by identifying key performance indicators that align with your sales objectives.
  2. Utilize data analytics tools to track metrics such as distribution reach, product availability, and compliance levels.
  3. Implement regular audits and field surveys to assess the actual coverage of your products in various outlets. 
  4. Compare these findings against your target goals to measure the effectiveness of your coverage strategy. 
  5.  Leverage technology like GPS tracking and sales team monitoring tools to monitor real-time data on outlet visits and product placements.By analyzing these quantitative and qualitative measurements, you can gain valuable insights into areas for improvement within your sales network. 

How can you improve your ECO metric?

Keep check on ECO 

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