More Intelligent, more user-friendly, more solution specific- Breeze or Unolo?

Comparison between Unolo and Breeze
  1. Customer profiling 
  2. Turn by turn navigation for visits
  3. GPS tracking beat planning
  4. Multi-lingual support
  5. Sales bot
  6. Market Assistance

Customer Profiling

Turn by Turn Navigation for Visits

GPS Tracking and Beat Planning

Sales Bot

Market Assistance

Main featuresTrack total Distance traveled with 98% accuracyAI- Market AssistanceBuilt-in AI based Sales assistanceIntelligent ChatbotSmart Performance AnalyticsReal time Location TrackingGPS and Geofencing100% CustomizableCRMAutomated conveyance claimsReal-time Employee Location TrackingTrack Total Distance Traveled with 95% AccuracyValidate & Automate Conveyance ClaimsLeave Management System that integrates with popular HRMS/Payroll SoftwareTrack & Manage ExpensesMonitor headcount at your site/officeMonitor & assign BEAT routes & PJPs
Customer Profiling✓ Extensive AI-driven market assistance– Not specified
Turn by Turn Navigation
GPS Tracking and Beat Planning✓ Efficient geofencing capabilities✓ Efficient geofencing capabilities
Multi-Lingual Support
Sales Bot– Not specified
Market Assistance✓ AI-based tools for insights and analysis– Not specified
Pricing (basic)/user$1.80$5

Comparison between Unolo and Breeze

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