BeatRoute Vs Breeze: Which is best [2024]?

Comparison between BeatRoute vs Breeze

BeatRoute Vs. Breeze- At a glance

  • Beatroute is better equipped to serve organizations with a larger budget that require van sales automation, advanced levels of retailer engagement, and visual merchandising.
  • On the other hand, Breeze is better positioned to serve budget-conscious organizations, offering a complete field sales suite powered by AI features, even for teams as small as 10 users.
CustomizationHighly customizable and modularHigly customizable on a minimal price
Integrations200+ integration available such as SAP, Oracle, Power BIIndiamart, Trade India and other 3rd party marketplace integration
AutomationAutomation available GPS tracking, route optimizationAutomation available GPS tracking, route optimization
User-friendlinessSimple, user-friendly interface; built-in tutorial with helpful demo videosSimple, user-friendly interface; built-in tutorial instructions and 24*7 dedicated human support
Advanced featuresAdvanced reporting, generative AI, AI sales assistanceAI-powered virtual assistant; 50+ reporting structure as per organisational hierarchy and Inbuilt AI sales assistance
PriceFar steeper price point than Breeze
Custom Pricing is also available$4.18/user/month
Much more affordable (pricing below is for annual billing)
Standard: $1.50/user/monthCustom pricing is also available
SecurityGDPR ComplianceGDPR compliance
AIAI features must be added on; Advanced AI package only available for Professional and higherBreezebot, the conversational AI assistant, is available across the; additional AI tools available at Enterprise level
Comparison between BeatRoute vs Breeze

Breeze’s suite of tools is more straightforward on budget

BeatRoute is more Retailer-friendly 

Breeze offers a helpful chatbot assistant called Breezebot for agents with multilingual support

BeatRoute provides much advanced features but at a much higher price point

BeatRoute vs. Breeze: Which should you choose?

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