Travelling Salesman Problem- The Method to Optimize Your Field Sales Route

Travelling Salesman Problem

History and significance of TSP

Understanding the problem: What is a field sales agent trying to achieve?

Methods of using Travelling Salesman Problems

  • Exact Algorithms 
  • Heuristic algorithms 
  • Metaheuristic Algorithms. 

Insertion (e.g., Cheapest Insertion) Heuristics:

Genetic Algorithms:

Ant Colony Optimization:

Tabu Search:

Hybrid Approaches

Three Effective Methods Can Be Used For Sales Route Optimization 

Nearest Neighbor Heuristic


  • Simple and fast to implement.
  • Gives you a cheap and fast option.


  • Does not in general yield the optimal solution, particularly for large numbers of locations.
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized problems where quick decisions are necessary.

Genetic Algorithms

  • Can handle large and complex problem instances.
  • (often) Explores a large solution space. Focuses globally and can avoid getting stuck at local optima.
  • Needs to be tweaked precisely with values such as mutation rate, population size
  • Computational edge case: this may be a problem for really large datasets, or super low latency applications.

Tabu Search


  • Are able to break out of local optima and find solutions of high quality.
  • Flexible: medium to large scale efforts are efficient and effective


  • Performance highly depends upon how the tabu list is managed and how large it’s kept.
  • It needs fine tuning parameters.
  • Rather suitable for: medium to large problems where we are seeking iterative improvement of the solution, quality of the output is a concern

How can TSP help brands looking to manage their field sales?

Real-Time Route Adjustment

Resource Allocation

Factors that make TSP challenging

The importance of efficient route planning in business and everyday life

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