What Is Thematic Map- Why Do You Need To Know It For Your Field Sales Management? 

Thematic Map

Thematic Map Definition

Decoding Product Density in the FMCG Industry through Thematic Maps.

Types of Distributional Maps

Choropleth Maps

Dot Density Maps

Heat Maps

Combining each of the maps with one another

Why Use Thematic Maps?

What are the advantages of maps?

Simplify complex information 

Being able to communicate detailed nuances in an easy and digestible way is one such benefit of this format. Thematic maps are visual representations of geographic information in a form that is tailored to reflect and help understand the spatial distribution of one or more properties/variables connected with a specific theme.

Comes in various forms

Decode the relationships and correlation between two variables

Usage of Thematic Maps in Field Sales

Bring Clarity in Sales Strategy with Thematic Maps

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